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Take the 5-Question Accountability in the Workplace Quiz

Do you think your business has a strong culture of accountability?  Do people feel proud to work there and committed to getting things done? Do you think employees clearly know what is expected of them and how their performance will be rewarded?   

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April 23, 2019

We Need to Stop Wasting Management Time

Executives, decision makers, and management in general have a finite amount of "Management Attention Units" (MAUs).  So, what are MAUs anyway?  We use this general term to refer to time used by management to carry out core supervisory duties.  Management’s time – a very valuable and finite commodity.

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April 18, 2019

Best Kept Secret - Accountability Drives Performance

Why do some employees seem always to get things done on time and as expected, while others struggle?  Is it in their DNA? Is it an organizational culture that condones missed deadlines so that some people do not feel the pressure to perform as well? Are incentives, like bonuses, or penalties, like losing a job, accomplishing their objectives?

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April 16, 2019

Fraud? So, Why Do We Have Auditors?

When a company is charged with financial statement fraud, the first question asked is “Where were the auditors?

But auditors can only insure accurate financial reports in a robust business environment where every stakeholder has bought into the importance of internal control procedures and their documentation.

Creating an internal control integrated framework over subjective and complex accounting areas such as revenue recognition, loan impairment and valuation is especially challenging, and insufficient internal control procedures can leave an organization dangerously open to fraudulent financial reporting.

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April 11, 2019

Download a Simple 4-Step Guide to Drive Accountability in the Workplace

Have you come to terms with the fact that accountability is the missing element to drive your team to excellence?

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April 9, 2019

Align Billing Practices in Your Law Firm to Better Meet Client Needs

Law firms continue to base their entire business model on tracking billable hours. More often than not, clients feel they have little control of what a specific legal proceeding will cost. Why is it so hard for law firms to offer fixed deliverable-based pricing?

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April 4, 2019

How to Easily Improve Meetings to Get More Things Done

Ask anyone in your office how they feel about meetings, and you are likely to get passionate responses on both sides of the aisle.

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April 2, 2019

Great Ideas to Avoid Cyber Threats

In the wake of the UK Parliament's recent network security attack, it's clear that no matter how well-designed our IT security systems and internal controls are, there's always a risk of your organization falling victim to a cyber threat.

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March 28, 2019

5 of the Best Project Management Tools

Many clients have recently asked us for our top recommendations for project management software and tools.  Our experience with these tools is mostly derived from helping our clients incorporate them into their processes while we add the accountability layer that is often missing in these tools to make sure things get done.

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March 26, 2019